Tips on Purchasing the Right Undergarments

One of the most common mistakes that women make when dressing up is leaving an undesirable panty and bra line. Owning and wearing the right lingerie can make a big difference between having a sleek and sexy look or having a few bulges here and there from unruly undergarments. The items that you wear beneath your clothing might not seem very important but these foundation garments can change the way an outfit looks on any woman.

Purchasing the right underwear

The most important tip that any woman can receive when looking to purchase undergarments is to get the right fit.  This means that the person looking to purchase and wear the under garments must be measured in certain places to provide accurate sizing for the right bra and panties.  There are two important measurements for a bra. They are the under bust measurement which is where the measuring tape is placed around the body and under the bust but even to sight, and the cup size which is measured by placing the tape measure snugly around the breast at the fullest part.  The tape measure should always be snug and not too tight for an accurate measurement. The panty size is based on the waist and hips measurements and can be matched within a sizing chart for the accurate size.


It’s not easy to find the perfect bra or undies inside a seemingly large lingerie store or online market, but without them a special occasion or outing could turn miserable.  Many stores offer a fitter that will take you into a back room or into a fitting area and measure you for the best fit. However, when you are shopping online these options are not available.  Therefore, you must make sure that your measurements are accurate before shopping for undergarments online. Matching up your correct measurements with the perfect undergarments is an easy process with a size chart.  Love Loren offers at least one type of sizing chart so that you can make better educated purchases.

Expensive sets that include the bra and undies or bralette and thongs might seem appealing, but what some women fail to realize is that the more expensive garments can be very uncomfortable.  The idea that the more uncomfortable the undergarment the better the fit is, is not true because the same comfort can be found in the lower priced brands that offer the same support as the expensive ones.  The right one does not have to cost you a fortune, but it does have to fit properly and make you feel supported. It is always advised to try on undergarments before purchasing them because some brands fit differently even if they are accurate size.

Sexy Lingerie

Having the right kind of underwear is extremely important for comfort but it can also affect a woman’s mood.  As crazy as that sounds, it has been proven through several surveys that women who wear bulky, unruly underwear are more likely to be in a bad mood throughout the day, less confident, and experience feeling older than they really are.  Nice, comfortable, or sexy underwear continuously receives better results with compliments towards their comfort, confidence, and feminine feeling. Having that womanly physique takes more than just the right outfit. It takes the right undergarments to really set off a woman’s beauty and style.

June 11, 2018 — Eileen Faigenblat