How To Style Your Padded Bra

After its inception in the 60s, the padded bra has been very popular in the last two decades, although it appears that this piece of underwear is still not appreciated fully yet.  With its impressive design, this bra offers women an advanced power of seduction – both small chested and large chested effect.

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How It Works

Irrespective of your shape, the push-up bra will definitely fit you.  Basically, this underwear re-centers your burst while creating a buxom cleavage.  With a classic or triangle push-up bra, your bust is drawn to the center panel. It is important to note here that push-up bras aren’t always the same as padded bras.  While the confusion has been around for a while, padded bras are more suited for women looking to make their bust appear bigger.

Who Can Wear Push-Up Bras?

The belief that push-up bras are meant for cheating and are more suited for small or medium chested females is very wrong.  The truth is, large-chested females can sport push-up bras too, and it doesn’t signify cheating in any way. Push-up bras also come handy for women who have lost their but firmness due to age or pregnancy.  The push-up bra will offer more comfort, as well as a lifting and sculpting effect.

So, it is safe to say that everyone can actually enjoy the push-up effect, so far we make the right choice of the bra.  Push-up bras can come in various forms – progressive padding, unpadded, padded, plunge, and others.

Choosing The Right Push-Up Bra For Yourself

If your chest size is large or your body shape is an hourglass, there is no need to make the bust appear any bigger.  So, you are better off with a soft model push-up bra or the one that comes with a progressive padding. These will help you add volume on the sides and under the bust, i.e. your uplift is boosted without adding volume, solely at the front of your cleavage.  

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When a large-chested female sports a progressive padded bra, the size spreads evenly.  One last thing: as a large chested female, padded push-ups is not compulsory but if you still prefer to wear one, get one that support your bust.  Thus, you should avoid those with skinny straps. Instead, go for the underwire types.

For medium or small chested females, padded bras will go a long way to boost the bust.  It is safe to say the push-up bras were designed with the medium or small chested females in mind.  There are different types of push-up bras for various results.

-          Half push-up or progressive padded bra are right if you want consistent volume.  Their build is such that they are thinner and their discreet padding means they can be incorporated easily into the lower cup and outer sides.  Thus, it doesn’t completely cover the chest region. A half push-up bra is less pronounced than a classic padded bra – it offers the perfect natural look alongside the elegance of a lace lingerie.

-          Padded push-up bra offers more cleavage around the center panel.  The padding present in the bra increases the push-up effect, thus making the cleavage bigger and the chest rounder.  It also offers excellent comfort, support, and exposes the bust sexily. There are push-up bras with removable padding.

Push-Up Bras And The Right Outfits

By sculpting, reshaping, and lifting your bust to make the most of them show off your assets, there are certain outfits that best complement push-up bras.

Low V-neck tops

If you are wearing a plunge push-up bras, the V-neck tops are the perfect match.  Your chest gets the needed support to create the curves, and the center panel is smaller and in the lower half of the cups.  This means that the bra is more exposed around the cleavage, offering more glam and ultimately sexy boldness.

Low Scoop Neck Tops

If you are the type that likes to reveal only a little, you should combine a progressive padded push-up bra with round neck tops.  This combination offers an uplift effect for deep cleavage. Thus, you do not have to boost your burst size towards the center.

December 20, 2018 — Gali Vanunu